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Real Time PCR Instruments

It is well known that the accuracy of the thermal cycles and achieving temperature uniformity between tubes, so that all samples undergo the same thermal conditions, are prerequisite for a reliable PCR reaction.


Key to a precise and sensitive quantification analysis lies in the error-free detection and analysis of low levels of fluorescence.  

In order to realize these fundamentals, Montania® 484 is equipped with substantial structural features to meet the requirements and expectations of both diagnostic and research fields.


Temperature distribution of +/- 0.1 °C throughout the whole thermal block, a LED light which is capable of exciting with constant intensity during its practically lifelong use, fiber optic translation of every emission read-out and a PMT module system that enables exquisite measurement via physical amplification of each photon’s energy.

And the outstanding software that allows manual optimization in addition to its automated analysis option, completes the picture.

 The result is;


  • No background noise, no need for calibration;
  • Inter-instrument, and inter-well variation below 0.4 CT; 
  • A superior performance where standard curve correlation coefficients of 0.999 are regarded as ordinary, in addition to reliable, sensitive and reproducible studies; 
  • A perfect colleague that undertakes all the cumbersome work, with its automated configuration and optional barcode reader system