Multiplex Panel Kits

According to the International Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) report*, Turkey ranks first in the list of antibiotic resistance, followed by Greece and South Korea. The report points out that antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is a large and growing problem with the potential for enormous health and economic consequences globally. This situation threatens OECD countries and 28 of the European Union countries.


AMR threatens the effectiveness of the treatment for the patient, and is based on the initiation of antibiotic treatment before the infection is diagnosed. With Anatolia multiplex panel kits, the pathogen can be easily detected and the appropriate treatment and medication are determined, minimizing the risk of AMR.


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Bosphore Bacterial Meningitis Panel Kit

Bosphore Viral Meningitis Panel Kit

Bosphore Respiratory Panel Kits

Bosphore STD Panel Kits


Bosphore CNS Panel Kits


Bosphore Vesicular Rash Panel Kit


Bosphore Eye Infection Panel Kit


Bosphore Atypical CAP Panel Kit


Bosphore Viral Infections in the Immunosupressed Panel Kits